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Parents Forum

Parents' Forum is an opportunity for parents to get together and discuss issues relating to parenting children. It takes place after the Junior School Assembly from 8.45am to 9.30am on Dr Gibbons Verandah. This semester's topics and dates are provided here.

Kelso's Choices & Games for Home
September 15th

During today’s Parents’ Forum Hannah Gray, shared Kelso’s Choices and provided some background to the programme in helping children to learn to solve small social problems without adult intervention. The discussion also explored some games and activities that can be played at home or on long journeys. Some of the suggestions are provided here and a link to Kelso’s Wheel is here.

September 8th

Today Hannah Gray, led us through a discussion in managing transitions. We particularly focused on the transition to a new country and school that many of our new families have been facing over the past few weeks. The discussion also explored how returning from a home country to Uganda can also be difficult as we may have reconnected with family, friends and familiar places. The were a number of helpful points mentioned, about making sure that we acknowledge our feelings and share them. We also discussed how parents may need to keep their frustrations to themselves, so that the children can make the transition without bias. Hannah shared the transition process that families will often go through and provided a handout with a number of strategies that can help families manage these changes. The handout is available here.

Building Community
August 25th

This week’s parents’ forum focused on how we can build community. We started with a brief discussion about the role of the class parent and the guidelines for this role were shared. There was some discussion about how to build participation in the parents forum and one suggestion included sharing the topics in advance. A number of participants shared some ideas and so the following dates have been set for the first semester.



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