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Scholarship Programme

The International School of Uganda (ISU) invites applications for its Scholarship Programme. The prospective candidates are profiled as deserving Uganda nationals of secondary school age. They are students that are financially, socially, and economically disadvantaged. They are orphaned, or otherwise lacking parental support. They are students that demonstrate high scholastic and emotional maturity, who are talented and gifted individuals and who have the aptitude to thrive in an international setting and become future community and business leaders in Uganda. Please read the Selection Criteria.

ISU will provide a scholarship for a successful candidate for a maximum of 3 ¼ years. Due to the differences between the Ugandan and IB Programmes, it is recommended that the student enter at the end of Grade 9 or the start of Grade 10. The student will receive a laptop and may receive internet access if required. A “settling in” stipend will also be paid to the student so that they may also purchase items which will allow them to settle into life at ISU. The scholarship committee also aims to send the student on a foreign trip whilst at ISU; funds permitting. Travel to and from school is available provided the student can get to an ISU bus route and lunch can be provided if required.

Selection for the successful candidate for the 2017-2020 will be made in February 2017 after the Uganda Certificate Examinations (UCE) results are announced. The selected candidate could join ISU in late March 2017. The initial course will facilitate the development in spoken and written English, mathematics, skills essential to using a library and information technology and practical science.

It must be noted that the scholarship does not include accommodation. Accommodation in a secure environment that allows the student to study must be provided or secured by the organization that is recommending the student. Proof of address will be required for a successful student. ISU aims to work in partnership with recommending organisations to provide the scholarship student with the best education and a pathway to higher education.

The Scholarship Committee is inviting institutions and organizations that are interested in this programme to recommend individuals who they think fit the criteria described above and that could flourish within an international setting. The submission date for applications (please click to download application form) is December 11th 2016. Applications with supporting documentation (see below) can be posted to the address above and addressed to The Scholarship Committee. Alternatively applications can be emailed to lallsopp@isumail.ac.ug. All documents must be clearly labelled with the applicants name.

Each applicant is required to submit the following in this initial application period:

  • Completed application letter
  • The recommending organization must provide a recommendation letter which details the applicant’s character, previous successes and their ability to adapt. Please provide contact details of the organization in the letter.
  • A letter which assures ISU that the student can be housed in a safe and secure location which is conducive to study throughout the duration of the scholarship. Details of the accommodation would be appreciated.
Please send in your applications to Lesley Peacock, Senior School Principal at ssprincipal@isumail.ac.ug.

Please click here to read about our former and current scholarship students.



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