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Student Support Services

As a school we offer a range of services with the specific aim of supporting the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of our students. This handbook is a guide to those services, what they provide and how they operate. It has been written for students, parents, and staff.

Is there a student who is struggling with the English language? Are you confused as to why your child is not performing as well as you would expect? Did you notice that a student is unusually down or not her/himself? Whether a student, parent or member of staff, consult this handbook and contact us for advice and help.


There are two counsellors at ISU who work as a team to meet the social and emotional needs of students across both the Junior and Senior School. The counsellors work with individuals, groups, at grade and school level. Their is also a College Counsellor in the Senior School.

If a student is having problems in or out of school that are affecting their emotional and social well-being or their academic performance, that student can choose to see the counsellors. Equally, they may be self-referred or referred to the counsellors by a teacher, a parent or another student. The student or parent would be seen in the privacy of one of our two counselling rooms and conversations would generally be confidential. If a student is at risk or if a student breaks the school rules, the counsellor has the responsibility to share this information with others. In Junior School parents and counselor work together closely, and communicate on regular basis. The counsellor meets with all new students, to get to know them and be aware of their individual needs.

The aim of counselling sessions is to enable the student to work through and cope with issues, and to find solutions. If the issue is severe and ongoing, the student would be referred to an outside counsellor or health specialist etc. in or outside Uganda as needed.

The counsellors also have a responsibility for the general emotional and social well-being of our students. They chair and minute grade level meetings across Senior and Junior School. These meetings give teachers the opportunity to discuss any student concerns and appropriate interventions are put in place.

Please refer to the Counseling Handbook for more information about our counseling services.

Please click here for the Child Protection Policy


Students who enter ISU with an IEP (Individual Education Plan) continue with a support plan that matches their needs within the context of ISU. All ISU students are monitored through regular Grade-Level Meetings attended by Teachers, Counsellors and Learning Support teachers. If a learning difference is suspected by a teacher or parent, a referral is made and the OLC Department plans appropriate screenings to determine if a student qualifies for extra support or should have further assessments outside of ISU. Outside recommendations for Education Psychologist evaluations may be requested depending on the needs of a student. Once a student has an IEP and is an OLC student, the type and level of support varies depending on the needs of the student. Examples of support include; specific OLC sessions to work on reading, writing, math or organization; in class support with a Teaching Assistant, classroom accommodations, use of computer for note taking, and extra time for test taking. Students’ progress is monitored and reported to parents.


The Nurse team at ISU supports the physical and emotional health and well-being of the staff and students of the International School of Uganda. The ISU school clinic is a first aid clinic, after emergency treatment referrals are carried out as needed. Our main duties at the school’s clinic are the provision of preventative health care, curative service such as first aid and emergency treatment as well as health promotion activities such as health education. There are always one/two nurses on duty during normal school hours. In addition, we attend to out of hours events such as Family Day and sports events as requested. We keep accurate written records of all visits to the health clinic and maintain student health records.

Our four main responsibilities:

1. Prevention and care for health problems experienced by staff and students.

2. Promotion of the health and well-being of staff and students.

3. Ensuring that the food and drink provided on campus meets stringent standards of quality, safety and hygiene.

4. Ensuring that appropriate medical supplies and first aid equipment and facilities are available on campus.


The ESOL program is designed to give additional English language support to newly enrolled students with limited English proficiency. ESOL helps those students function successfully in school life as quickly as possible. Typically students are in ESOL support for 1-2 years.

Advice for families who are leaving:
Please find helpful information for families and students who are moving away from Uganda in the following articles:

Families in Transition

10 Steps to Saying Goodbye

Please help us to meet the different needs of our student population by being aware of what is on offer and by bringing to our attention any students who could benefit from the services we provide. We are here to help!




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