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Download Application Forms Below:

All Students:

Application Form
School Fees 2018-19
Enrolment Contract 2018-19
Financial Assistance 2018-19
Bus Service Form
Medical Form
ISU Child Protection Policy

Junior School Student:
Early Childhood/Kinder Parent Questionnaire
Grade 1 to 5 Parent Questionnaire
Confidential School Report - Junior School
Junior School Language Survey

Senior School Students:
Equipment List for Senior School
Confidential School Report - Senior School
Senior School Language
Senior School Student Requirements

All fees mentioned in the above documents are in US Dollars. Documents required to complete admission process include Application Form, Academic reports for the past two years, Confidential School Report, photocopy of birth certificate/biographical details page from the child's passport, registration fee (USD 250) and signed Enrollment Contract. The Emergency Form, Medical Form and Bus Form (if bus service is required) can be submitted before the student starts school.

Grade Placement
Students are generally placed in grades based on the age of the child. Please note that we also consider previous school transcripts, academic ability, social development, interviews and placement tests, where necessary to determine grade placement at ISU. This Grade Placement Guide may be helpful in understanding grade placement at ISU and equivalent national grade placement.

Inquiry Form