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October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month
by Ms. Casey Morrison

Did you know that Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal condition?  1 in 700 babies are born with Down syndrome world-wide. Typically babies are born with 46 chromosomes, but a person born with Down Syndrome has an extra copy of chromosome 21.  That means they are rocking 47 chromosomes instead of 46 chromosomes, which is pretty extraordinary.  

The word ‘syndrome’ is defined as a list of symptoms. Theses symptoms may or may not be present and CAN be addressed or eliminated if one is proactive. All kids with Down Syndrome are capable of learning and have many strengths and talents.  In fact, inclusive schools opened up many opportunities for people with Down syndrome and many adults attend college, hold jobs and get married. Inclusion benefits all students with valuable lessons of tolerance, acceptance and diversity. 

We have so much gratitude for the ISU community and for the inclusion program at ISU.
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