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Leopards Club

What is the ISU Leopards Club?

The ISU Leopards Club is a group of parents whose mission is to foster the spirit of friendship, competition and good sportsmanship at ISU. The Leopards Club is a small organization and every parent who is willing to help is important. We provide our own teams and visiting sports teams with snacks and drinks during home games that are held on the ISU campus. The profits made during the 2016-2017 school year by the Leopards Club were used to support sports at ISU. This year the Leopards Club funded the following projects:

  • Covers for the football posts
  • Hurdles
  • Basketballs and climbing equipment.
  • Freezer for Leopards Club
  • Trophy cabinets for Dr Gibbons Hall

Who organizes the Leopards Club?

The Leopards Club is a parent volunteer organization that works closely with the ISU Athletics Director. There is a team of dedicated parents that coordinates all events and duties.

Parental Involvement

Many weekends, there are sporting events at the school and Leopards Club is there to support them. The ISSEA tournaments at ISU especially require extra input from all parents at the school. The athletes work so many extra hours dedicating themselves to their sport and teams, and we want to promote school spirit and good sportsmanship by cheering them on and helping out. It is a great way to get involved and get to know the ISU community.

Every parent is vital to the community because we are small. We need volunteers to :

  • work shifts in the kiosk
  • provide baked goods/snacks/fruit to sell at the sporting events
  • give occasional help making toasted sandwiches or light lunches
  • provide freezer space for the ever popular frozen yojus
  • even loan your driver for pick up and collection of food orders, drinks, ice, etc.

Our Objectives

  • To support the ISU Leopards at all home sporting events
  • To provide hospitality and friendly social environment for students and parents who bring their children to sporting events
  • To invite community involvement to support sporting events

What Do We Purchase With Our Profits?

Our main source of revenue comes from the Leopards Club kiosk. We sell our snacks, fruit and drinks during sporting events. Some revenue is also generated by corporate sponsorships and cash donations. Each year our profits vary according to the number of tournaments and/or events that we host. Our policy is:

  • to allocate funds to buy medals for sporting achievements for both Junior and Senior schools twice a year
  • to purchase an asset for the school which will benefit the entire school to ensure ISU students have access to world-class facilities and equipment
  • We do not sponsor individuals or individual teams or fund items/activities normally funded by school

We Invite You to Join Us and Get Involved in Your ISU Community!

Come and support the Leopards at sporting events! Give 30 minutes of your time to help at the stand, bake or send in fruit, nuts, granola bars, etc.

For any further information, enquiries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Leopards Club: Keia Kohn (keiakohn@yahoo.com.br) or ISU Athletics Director, Ramon Ornelas (rornelas@isumail.ac.ug).