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Parents Forum

Parents' Forum is an opportunity for parents to get together and discuss issues relating to parenting children. It takes place after the Junior School Assembly from 8.45am to 9.30am on Dr Gibbons Verandah. 

The HOW of Learning Series

Transdisciplinary Learning

“Transdisciplinary learning in the PYP refers to learning that is not confined within the boundaries of traditional subjects but is supported and enriched by them."

The Idea of Inquiry

Unpacking the idea of inquiry and why it's central to the school's pedagogy

Foundations for Learning Series:

Skill-based Learning: Part 1

The importance of skills and why skill-based learning is fast becoming the currency of learning for the future.

Play: Part 2

Why free play is essential for the emotional wellbeing of our children.

Play: Part 1

At today’s forum we thought about how humans learn naturally


The important role motivation plays in effective learning.


What words and phrases best capture 'Agency'

Learning is Lifelong

An opportunity to learn together about being parents and supporting our children's journey through life.


The Future of School Series:

Transition Forum

We explored the challenges and opportunities presented by transitions.

Digital Lives

Parents explored a variety of scenarios and debated how we can support our children within an increasingly digital world.

Experiential Learning

We embarked on experiencing how learning is designed in some of our classes where we are beginning to embrace agency and opportunities for children

Agency at Home?

We explored the idea of agency and opportunities for voice and choice at home.

What is Agency?

The concept of Agency and why it is so important in helping our children become life-long learners who will be happy and successful in the 21st century.

The Enhanced PYP

The enhanced PYP is the outcome of six years of consultation into the programme and research into current educational research and best practice.


Reading, Passion & Play

Emphasis on parents partnering with us in helping children to read regularly, follow their passions and give them time to play.


How we can better support our families during times of change?

Kelso's Choices

How we can help our children solve problems in social situations