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Parents Forum

Parents' Forum is an opportunity for parents to get together and discuss issues relating to parenting children. It takes place after the Junior School Assembly from 8.45am to 9.30am on Dr Gibbons Verandah. 

Reading, Passion & Play
October 19th

Today's parent forum focused on our emphasis on parents partnering with us in helping children to read regularly, follow their passions and give them time to play.  We discussed how to build reading into the day's routines, and that bedtime reading or audio books in the car can also help make reading an enjoyable addition to the daily routine.  We also talked about how children's passions can be a vehicle for learning to read and acquire new skills, so do find out what your child is interested in learning in their iTime.  One resource that would be helpful for play experience is https://www.playworks.org/game-library/ where they have a host of play activities that might support play home.

September 21st

This morning parents forum was very well attended with 30 parents joining to hear about how we can better support our families during times of change, whether moving to a new country, returning from holiday or changing grade level.  Susanne Duerr and Francesca Ferrari shared some important tips on how to manage the change including acknowledging what is going well and what we miss.  There are a number of helpful strategies and ideas that were shared in a handout available here.

Kelso's Choices
September 7th

Today discussion focused on Kelso's Choice and how we help our children solve problems in social situations.  Parents shared their experience of using the programme and noted that as parents we are sometimes too quick to jump in and solve the problem.  We also reflected that we can often come to the defense of the younger sibling and expect the older one to use the the choice circle.  The challenge is to strike the right balance between intervening and allowing the children to solve problems themselves.  The programme suggests that children should try two choices first before speaking to an adult to help. The circle of choices is available here if parents would like put a copy up at home in central location like the fridge door.

Introduction to SeeSaw
August 31st

At today's parent forum we shared the e-portfolio tool SeeSaw and how it can be used by parents to follow their child's learning journey.  We encouraged parents to view the portfolio each week and gave the follow tips on how to use it with your child:

  • View the posts that your child creates (find a regular time)
  • Discuss with your child what they have created (notice the process/skills)
  • Share your discussion with the teacher
  • If commenting, provide guiding feedback to your child
  • Be positive and encouraging

Use the following links if you would like to learn more about how SeeSaw works or how to use the Family App.