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Future of Learning

Over the past year we have been inquiring into the question of the future of learning, such as what is the purpose of school, what do our children need to learn to be prepared for the future and how do schools need to evolve to meet the needs of our learning futures.  To read more about this Journey please see the Parents’ Forum Blog.

As part of this journey we have developed a series of short papers that explain the fundamental values of our learning philosophy and the future of learning.

The Why Sheets:

WHY Agency?







Why ATL?

Why Image of the Child?

Why Motivation?

Why Ownership?

Why Play

Why Continuous Reporting

The Future of Learning in Grade 4 and 5: Designed for Learning

In May 2019 we shared some of our plans to begin changing how learning is designed in the school and we shall be beginning that journey in Grade 4 and 5 this August.  A pdf copy of the presentation is available here.  At the end of the meeting we asked parents to share their feedback and we used that information to create some frequently asked questions that have been answered below:

Frequently Asked Questions

And finally…

Parent feedback about the journey so far…

I love the concept and I am really looking forward to my child being a part of this approach. I believe it will bring out wonderful things for her.

I am excited to see my child move to independence and building the future for them.

I am excited to see you opening up the child to the future to be independent, creative and self-directed.

I’m genuinely excited.  I feel so privileged my kids are in this environment and learning community.

Further Questions?
If you have further questions that have not yet been answer please write to jsprincipal@isumail.ac.ug or pypcoordinator@isumail.ac.ug and shall add them to this collection.


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