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SAT Testing Centre

ISU is a testing center for the SAT tests.

All registration is done online on the CollegeBoard website: (https://sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-internat...). Registered test-takers arrive on testing day at 7:15am at the main entrance gate to ISU with a printed admission ticket and a valid photo id. Only registered test takers will be admitted to campus. All chaperones can visit nearby Quality Supermarket where coffee shops are available to wait comfortably. Test takers taking the regular SAT will usually finish between 1-1:30pm. SAT Subject test takers finish around 9:30am (one subject test), 10:45am (two subject tests) or 12:00pm (three subject tests).

ISU does not register, nor collect payments from applicants, please use the CollegeBoard website above to do that. ISU does not offer SAT study sessions or classes, however, free online SAT practice is available at Official SAT Practice Khan Academy


Questions? Please contact Hassan Ssentumbwe at hssentumbwe@isumail.ac.ug for more information.

For more information on the dates of the SAT tests and registration, please visit the CollegeBoard website:



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