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Middle Years Programme

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) is a five year course for 11-16 year-olds. It is specifically designed with the needs of students of this crucial age in mind. It follows on from the PYP (Primary Years Programme) and lays the foundation for the DP (Diploma Programme), but is also a complete programme in its own right. All three IB programmes strive to create lifelong learners, with the skills necessary to succeed in a changing world.

The MYP provides a curriculum framework for students, which is organised around eight subject areas. These are: Language and Literature (English at ISU), Mathematics, Humanities, Sciences, Language Acquisition (French or Spanish at ISU), the Arts, Physical and Health Education and Design. Every student studies each of the eight subject groups, which is taught and assessed in accordance with IBMYP regulations. eAssessment occurs in the final year of the programme (Grade 10). eAssessments provide IB validated grades which together with the Personal Project and completion of service requirements lead to the awarding of the MYP Certificate. eAssessment is split into two main areas. Language Acquisition, The Arts, Design and PHE are assessed using ePortfolios. These are internally assessed tasks and samples of student work are sent to the IB. Language and Literature, Individuals and societies, Mathematics and Science are assessed using on-screen examinations that take place in May. These are externally marked by IB examiners. An interdisciplinary exam is also taken by Grade 10 students which combines 2 of the subjects listed for on-screen examinations.


In addition to the subjects, all students have to complete a Personal Project during the final year of the MYP. The Personal project is the culminating task of the MYP. It requires students to choose a topic that is important to them, develop a product based on that topic and write an academic report based on what they have learnt. Students showcase all the skills they have learnt throughout the MYP in this extended piece of work. At ISU, preparations for the Personal project begin towards the end of grade 9, at which time there is also a presentation for parents by the MYP Coordinator and the PP Coordinator.

Within the MYP, there are six Global Contexts. These are broad contexts through which units of study are created providing relevance to the learning. For example the Global Context, Fairness and Development, might be explored through Humanities in understanding the role of women in development or the same context might be used in statistics unit in Mathematics. The Global Contexts can provide a base for which knowledge is transferred from subject area to subject area and interdisciplinary learning.

Each student acquires a broad range of skills known as Approaches to Learning. These include essential skills and attitudes that all students need to develop in order to become successful learners. These are incorporated into each subject, and culminate in the Personal Project, as well as providing a foundation for the Diploma Programme in grades 11 and 12.

Service as Action
Service as Action is a core component of the MYP, all students are expected to take action based on their learning either through teacher supported or student initiated actions. They record and reflect on the learning platform ManageBac and these reflections and activities are managed by the Service Coordinator. Each school is required to publish their own requirements for service activities. Students will be expected to show engagement through the learning outcomes for service which are:
• Become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth
• Undertake challenges that develop new skills
• Discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities
• Perseverance in action
• Working collaboratively with others
• Develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding
• Consider the ethical implications of their actions.

Students will experience a stepped approach to these learning outcomes as they progress from Grade 6 to Grade 10.

If you have any questions about the programme please contact:

Service as Action
Paul Morgan – Service Coordinator, pmorgan@isumail.ac.ug

Personal Project
Julie Green – Personal Project Coordinator, jgreen@isumail.ac.ug

Programme in General
Craig McVicar – MYP Coordinator, mypcoordinator@isumail.ac.ug

MYP Curriculum Documents
Grade 10 | Grade 9 | Grade 8 | Grade 7| Grade 6

MYP Parent Handbook | MYP New Student Handbook


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