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Rationale for Mac Standardisation

In 2017-18 ISU’s BYOD program is evolving to a standardized Mac platform for grades 6-10. This will be phased in over the next two years. We believe this will benefit student learning:

  • Allows students and teachers to focus more on learning and less on the maintenance of their laptops.
    • Less time will be spent out of the classroom dealing with technical issues
    • When supporting laptops if there are issues with one laptop there is a good chance that it applies to all. Once an issue is solved the solution can be applied to other laptops more efficiently than a system with multiple types of laptops
  • Simplifies the learning process for teachers and students by allowing them to concentrate on specific programs to accomplish specific tasks.
  • Can concentrate their efforts on learning and using common learning programs.
  • Teachers will be able to better support students
  • Supports the standardized curriculum at ISU.
    • Allows for more efficient delivery of this curriculum.
    • Allows students to efficiently manage their work in this system as they can easily drag & drop items, connect with other users, etc.
    • Concentrating their skill development on one platform will help students as a whole develop skills faster through collaboration and these skills will be adaptable to other platforms later on.
  • Mac laptops are quality learning devices that should, with proper care, last a minimum of 4 years, a year longer than we found the majority of student PCs were lasting.


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