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Tech Support

For the 2017-18 school year ISU will standardize their 1:1 program to Mac for grades 6-10. Therefore priority in those grades will be given to students with a Mac laptop because the related issues will most likely take less time to solve. If a student chooses not to follow the policy of a Mac laptop and come to school with a PC in grades 6-10 will have basic support to ensure they have access to the WiFi as well as to print at school if needed. For any other issues students with a PC have the ISU IT Department will try to assist students to identify the problem and suggest solutions, including where to take the device for repair, but will not work on it. For grade 11-12 students with a PC laptop the same support will be offered as those with a Mac laptop.

For students with a Mac laptop, ISU has entered into a service agreement with Elite Computers. ISU technicians are not able to work on hardware related issues to any Mac laptop under warranty. If a student’s Mac laptop has technical issues the laptop will be examined first by our qualified technicians. If they can assist the student within the school they will but if they cannot they will refer the student to Elite Computers and assist with the delivery to and from Elite Computers.

Despite their best efforts school personnel cannot guarantee to be able to repair students’ Mac laptops. Students must take responsibility for their own repairs.

Support and assistance can be had from the following members of the ICT Department:


Position Areas Of Responsibility

Email Address


ICT Director


Raymond Arineitwe

ICT Systems Administrator


Todd Von Seggern

Junior School Integrator


Paul Nyonyintono

Senior School Integration Assistant


Simon Ssemwogerere

Junior School ICT Technician


Hassan Ssentumbwe

Senior School ICT Technician




Support System Outline