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All About Week Without Walls!
All About Week Without Walls!
Ms. Lesley Peacock, Senior School Principal



Grade 6 had an amazing time at Kacheera Camp at Lake Mburo National Park. By day, we engaged in a variety of activities such as exploratory nature walks, learning how to navigate, as well as participating in an obstacle course which included crawling through mud! We saw and learned about many animals as we drove through the park, and had the opportunity to learn more on the boat trip around Lake Mburo. We also visited a local school, St. Stevens, where we made new friends and played games, and concluded our visit with football matches and meetings with pen pals. By night, everyone participated in evening activities, which included group chants, drama games, and a quiz about what we learned during the trip. We also indulged in some roasted marshmallows on the night before departure. It was a very enjoyable trip, and it was a fantastic experience for everyone.


The Grade 7 students went on their yearly Week Without Walls trip to Jinja, pitching their tents on the camping grounds of The Haven. On the way to Jinja we stopped over for a picnic in the Mabira Forest, where we were taken on a guided tour of this ancient rain forest. In Jinja the students got involved in a variety of activities including a village walk, where local guides introduced us to the customs and economy of the community. One of the highlights of the trip were two visits to the local community school, where our students engaged in a range of arts projects such as dance, craftwork and music together with the local students. It was great to have a swimming pool at our disposal at the Haven, where students could socialise and cool down in the hot afternoons.


Grade 8 ventured to the Ramsar site Lake Nabugabo. After a quick stop at the equator, we arrived around 1pm, and then set up our tents, whilst all the food and cooking equipment was organized. During our stay we engaged in 4 different activities, a community based activity, painting murals at a local school, a media activity to promote the area, and physical activities, Frisbee/ golf and a teamwork challenge. We also had the opportunity to develop skills in the kitchen as we prepared all of our food for breakfast, lunch and dinner! On the last day, our campsite was hit by sudden storm, which created many challenges in the kitchen with water logged cooking equipment and storage tents and many of the tents flattened by the winds. However despite this, we all showed great resilience and helped teachers in the cleaning up process and preparing food for the rest of the group.


WOW the beauty of the Grade 9 Fort Portal trip! WOW the simplicity!! SUPER WOW the Crater Lake!!!  We hiked, ate cassava cooked in cow dung, tasted different plants, tried our hands at golf, turned our hands to pottery, cooked marshmallows on the campfire, harvested avocados and guavas, even milked cows and then got to drink the milk via a traditional ceremony.

The trip was amazing, full of adventure and activity. It was non-stop, full-on with so many new experiences - even the bus ride was full of laughs, songs and philosophical discussions and debates! It goes without saying that for many swimming in the crater lake was the highlight of the trip...particularly after long, hard days in the heat!


The Grade 11 students had a fun and successful Week Without Walls at Kibale Forest National Park.  The students worked in groups to complete the Group IV Project, a collaborative science investigation that is required by the IB as part of the Diploma Programme.  After preliminary hikes in the forest and to the village, the groups planned their research.  Three groups hiked into the forest to investigate questions around the effects of logging, the effects of a slope on the ecosystem, and the soil and plants in particular.  The fourth group went to the New Nature Foundation, an NGO in the village, to investigate the efficiency of eco-briquettes and eco-char in comparison to traditional firewood and charcoal.  All groups analyzed their data and presented their findings, which were interesting and thoughtful.  The students worked hard, collaborated well, and also managed to have a great time.