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ISU Sports Newsletter Nov 2018
ISU Sports Newsletter Nov 2018
John Zahara, ISU Athletic Director

Message from the AD

Welcome to the first edition of the ISU Sports Newsletter. The aim of the newsletter is to acknowledge some of our athletes from the local ISSAK league to our international ISSEA competitions.

Over the past two months in the ISSAK League, we have had our junior school teams take part in basketball while our seniors played football. It was a great start to the year as we had full rosters in all sports for the first time in six years.

Action wise, we have had a lot of highlights over the course of the season and it was fantastic to see so many students participate in our league. Below are some of the highlights of the first season.


ISU Junior School Basketball

The U9 girls basketball team was coached by ISU staff member Julie Green. She took her high energy and put it to great use as she worked on a young group and they managed to play extremely well during the season. They worked on a lot of fundamentals and they showed tremendous growth during the five game season.  Team members included Atalia, Edith, Finay, Haisa, Miki, Nasha, Piper, Savannah, Shevaun and Thea.  Great job girls!

The U9 boys basketball team was coached by Coach Vinny who has been a long time coach at ISU. The boys improved dramatically over the course of the year with huge efforts from the guards on the team. Team members included Advik, Ajang, Bengt, Daniel, Felix, Ibrahim, Israel, Jonathan, Juan, Masalee, Michael and Nile. The boys worked hard the highlight came with a few home wins at ISU in front of a full crowd. Well-done boys!

The U11 girls team was coached by long time ISU parent Jenny Kohl. The girls played well and practiced hard every week even taking the time to learn specific inbounds plays to a basic triangle offense. The girls look forward to playing next year in middle school and they should be proud of themselves  for the effort they put in during the season. Team members included Neni, Yodit, Taara, Greta, Pacey, Fynne, Carlotta, Nilima, Mary Lou, Mary, Marta and Afomia.

The U11 boys basketball team was coached by new ISU staff member Patrick Kearnan. His passion for basketball was evident in the way the boys practiced and played all season. The boys had a team of many newcomers to the game but that didn't stop their continuous growth over the last few months. There were many highlights with one of the biggest being a last minute buzzer beater that sent the home crowd into frenzy. Congratulations boys on a great season. Team members included Teyei, Sacha, Idris, Armani, Gabi, Iain, Anteneh, John David, William, Luc, Adedayo and Eamon. Great season boys!


ISU Senior School Football

Our U13 girls team has a spectacular season finishing 2nd place in their division. The girls carried this momentum through the season all the way to the final game at ISU on November 3rd at ISU. Our girls led by Coach Fandy and newcomer Coach Ole played extremely hard against Acacia. Ultimately the girls lost 2-0 in the end but they came away with a beautiful runner up shield. Team members included Phoebe, Isabel, Milla, Tara, Cato, Maya, Aisukali, Yara, Tess, Ura and Aarini. Newcomer Aisukali led the team in scoring during the season and the girls should be very proud of their runner up placement. Great work She Leopards!

The U13 boys' team was led by long time ISU coach Coach Hassan. The boys were powered by offensive threats such as Almir, Amit and Jason. The boys finished with a solid 4-1 record and fought brilliantly in the finals against KISU. The match was super exciting and it actually went to extra time where KISU took the win with a few late minute goals. Team members included Almir, Jason, Oskar, Bridge, Nikhil, Ben, Viggo, Jack, Robert, Amit, Alan, Bono, Rishi and Rylan. Excellent work boys!

The U16 boys team led by Coach Ole had a quality season improving every single match of the season. The boys were young this year but showed much promise at the season progressed. One of the highlights of the season was JP Jones who played goalkeeper during a home match as he managed to save 17 shots on goal. The team included Adam, Chol, Garvey, Jamel, Jamil, JP, Jonathan, Krishna, Lucca, Raphael, Ryan, Samuel and Teun. Well done boys!

The U16 girls fought hard all season and were led by US Women's Cricket Captain Coach Shebani. The leopards played well and progress was obvious throughout the season. Team members included Aika, Berucha, Hope, Jeanne, Kato, Lexy, Lisa, Makeda, Powj, Samantha, Saron, Stacey, VJ and Yuade.  Our senior girls teams look promising and our ISSEA team should be in great shape next season!

The U20 girls football team was coached by newcomer Coach Justin who had recently coached the varsity girls team at the University of Toronto. His impact was immediate and the girls team looked incredibly strong as the season progressed. The girls just missed making the final by 1 point and they should be proud. Team members included Mattie, Emma, Essete, Shelby, Ashlyn, Setna, Amani, Vivien, Yomni, Claudia, Gaiane, Annalisa and Sara Baldwin.  Excellent season She Leopards and we look forward to ISSEA in April!

The U20 boys team was made up of a very young group of boys which showed that we have a bright future for football at ISU. The boys played hard all season and their coaches were very happy with their ongoing performance. Team members included Ben, Mathias, Kevin, Karim, Seba, Sameer, Adi, Liam, Emile, Carl, Hermes, Peter, Pierre, Miracle, Francois and Woosang. Most of the boys played ISSEA volleyball or track showing how successful our athletes can be when doing multiple sports. The boys were coached by Coach Olanya and Paul and we look forward to more success in the future.


ISSEA Track & Field and Volleyball

In Ethiopia, the teams led by Coach Barron, Noah and Moses performed at a very high level with our girls' X Country team finishing in 2nd place overall to claim the silver medals. In addition, the girls' track and field team finished 2nd overall in the event which is an amazing accomplishment. The boys finished in 4th place, which is a great improvement for them, and everyone is optimistic about ISU track in the future. In addition, the students and coaches were also very excited to be met by the legendary long distance runner Haile Gebrselassie who not only posed for photos but awarded trophies and medals to athletes.

In Mozambique, our teams battled very hard against tough competition with our boys finishing in 1st place in the group stages. Unfortunately, the competition was too much this year but all athletes should be proud of their efforts. It was fantastic to see full participation in volleyball this year.

Anyone wanting to view more photos or details should check the official ISSEA Facebook pages which were updated in real time during the events. They can be found at:




Student Spotlight

Congratulations to all of our athletes of the month. Our September honours in Senior School go to Titus Waibale and Vijaishri Bhaskar. Titus received the honour for his ongoing dedication to basketball as he took several weeks to attend a prestigious basketball camp in the United States in order to improve on his skills. VJ who is a newcomer to the sport of golf took part in the Ugandan Junior Open in Kampala. She managed to finish in a runner up position for overall score. Well done to Titus and VJ on their success. In Junior School, the honours went to Felix Braun and Thea Tin Wan Yen for their efforts in basketball.

Our November Junior School athletes of the month are Greta Kohl and Idris Hagberg for their hard work in Junior School basketball. In Senior School, our female athlete of the month is the ISU Girls Track team. They performed at an extremely high level during ISSEA to capture the silver medals. The male athlete of the month is Woosang Kim who played exceptionally well during the tournament in Mozambique.

Well done Leopards!




Interview Time 

Our Sports Journalist Makeda Baraki took a minute to interview one of our U11 boys basketball team players. She recently asked Anteneh Makonnen "How do you find basketball practice so far? How did you find the games you participated in?"

Anteneh Makonnen- "I found basketball really fun, and I like that it's challenging because that proves that I'm getting better. We've had 3 games so far, we've lost two of them, but won the third one, because we did a lot of training. Even though we lost the two games, I think our team did really well because, we had good pass work, and when we dribble forward we could score a lot of goals, it was just our defense that we could improve."


Upcoming News

Next month will see a lot of exciting sport action taking place with our Junior School teams competing in football while our Senior School teams switch over to ISSAK basketball. In addition, ISU  is thrilled to be hosting ISSEA swimming which will see seven international schools from across Africa visit us in late January.