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Middle School Arts Festival June 2018
Middle School Arts Festival June 2018
Lesley Peacock, Senior School Principal

'Celebrating Inclusion, Community and Acts of Kindness'

A cast of 111 middle school students performed on Friday presenting the theme, 'Celebrating Inclusion, Community and Acts of Kindness'.  The MS Arts Festival provided the opportunity for students to focus their attention on areas that have been covered during their Life Skill classes and IBC periods.  The slogans used for the event and connected to the main theme were, 'Bullying Stops Here' and 'Kindness Starts Here'. This helped to reinforce our continuing efforts to stress positive relationships and a welcoming, inclusive school culture.

The format of the evening was inspired by popular music and drama festivals, whereby two stages ran coherently followed by an intermission and then the acts were repeated.  This provided a creative space where the audience could choose to wander between performances or watch both in their entirety. The performance areas were brightly decorated by artistic interpretations of the festival's theme.  The students, clad out in their yellow caps, took on board many of the duties, acting as ushers, presenters and backstage crew.

This culminated the activities of our Arts Department for this year, allowing MS Drama, Music and Visual Arts students to showcase their talents. Thank you to Ms. Sabiiti, Mr. Ang and Mr. Bogart.       

Lesley Peacock
Senior School Principal