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Junior School

Message from the Junior School Principal

Welcome to Junior School! I have worked at ISU for over ten years and have had the privilege of seeing students move through the Primary Years Programme and beyond. It’s always a pleasure to see the depth of understanding and interest which the students experience as they study the Units of Inquiry in the Primary Years Programme. We have a very professional, committed and enthusiastic faculty supported by a very good team of Teaching Assistants. Our teachers come from the UK, USA, Uganda, Belgium, India, Russia, Ireland and Australia. Each class has a teaching assistant to support the learning programme.

Currently we have over 270 students in Junior School. The age range is from 2.5 – 11 years. Our younger children learn in our recently built Early Childhood Centre. Qualified and experienced teachers run our Playgroup, EC1 and EC2 classes in spacious and well-resourced classrooms surrounded by excellent outdoor learning and play facilities. The ratio of teachers to students is high (1-4 in Playgroup and 1-5 in EC1 and 1-6 in EC2).

Lower Junior School is comprised of Kinder (ages 5-6), Grade 1 (6-7) and Grade 2 (7-8). Upper Junior School is Grade 3 (ages 8-9), Grade 4 (9-10) and Grade 5 (10-11). In each grade there are two classes. Class sizes in these parts of the school vary but currently the average is 18 with the highest at 21 and lowest at 16.

Junior School follows the Primary Years Programme which is an IB programme for Primary School aged students. The students learn through inquiry, facilitated and guided by the teacher, developing skills of research, collaboration and questioning. In addition to these Units students have daily Maths and Literacy lessons taught in their homeroom by the class teacher. IT teaching is also the responsibility of the class teacher. French, Music, PE, Swimming and Library are taught by specialists to all students. Art is taught as a specialist subject to Grades Kinder to 5.

Junior School reports out to parents four times a year. In October we hold a Parent / Teacher Conference. In December parents receive a written report. In March there is another conference for parents with teachers but the important difference at this conference is that it is student led. Finally in June the end of year report comes home to parents. In addition to this there are ‘Grade Level Teas’ at least once a semester at which parents are invited to school to find out from their child what they have been learning about.

For those students who need extra support we have a very well established ‘Student Support Service’. There are three elements to this important school resource:

    • Optimum Learning Centre (OLC). Students with learning difficulties receive extra support both in and out of the classroom from our OLC teacher. Teaching Assistants also work with individuals on specific programmes guided by the OLC teacher.
    • English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). We have a number of students who come to school unable to speak English. Our ESOL teacher works with these students for two years for a number of periods a week.
    • Student Counselling Service. From time to time students need support for needs other than learning and we have two school counsellors who work with students for one off or regular sessions

    Elsewhere on the website you will be able to find out about the After School Activities Programme which offers a wide range of activities for students between 3-4pm four days a week. In addition to this, students are able to take private music lessons at ISU through the Kampala Music School. Currently we offer lessons in piano, guitar, drums, cello and violin.

    If you have any questions about Junior School please don’t hesitate to email me at dtodd@isumail.ac.ug. For more information about the Junior School, please read the Student Parent Handbook.

    The website can inform you about the school but if you have the opportunity, please come and visit!

    Daniel Todd
    Junior School Principal




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