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Technology at ISU

ISU's Technology Vision

The International School of Uganda recognises that technology is one of the essential tools that contribute to implementing 21st Century teaching and learning. A variety of technology is readily available to all students and teachers across the campus, enhancing an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.

Recognizing the need for students to have regular, reliable, and easy access to technology is necessary in modern society. While the technology does not drive the learning or replace face-to-face interactions, it supports our vision for modern, essential teaching and learning. It is also very important to leverage the home and school connection for using technology effectively. In this sense we are a Blended Learning Community (BLC).

ISU`s vision is to provide our students with a full range of learning opportunities by introducing a blended learning environment where classrooms activities are a natural balance of computer and non-computer based activities. In this environment students from grade six and above will use their own computers throughout the school day under the direction and guidance of their teacher. This will give flexibility to teachers and allow them to deliver their lessons in a balanced, blended learning environment where students can learn “anything, anywhere, anytime”.

In Junior School Grade 4 and 5 students are given a laptop by the school to use under the supervision of their teachers. They also work with integrators who assist the teachers in delivering engaging activities where students learn authentically.

ISU is very aware of the potential pitfalls of allowing students to have their own computers, including spending too much time in front of a screen. Students will be educated on strategies on how to use technology positively and productively, including an emphasis on digital citizenship. Balance is an important part of their experience with technology at ISU.

In order to put this philosophy in action it is essential that ISU institute a quality technology system and ensure its technological infrastructure is strong and robust backbone to handle the amount of traffic a blended learning environment requires.


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