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University Counselling

The transition from the supportive secondary school environment to the more independent post-secondary options can be a daunting one. The University Counsellor provides university guidance and career counselling to students from grades 9-12. During Grade 10, students engage in a week-long job shadowing experience during which they are placed on the job with a willing sponsor. This gives them hands-on experience in a field they may be interested in pursuing as a career. Students have been placed in a wide variety of professional fields including education, medicine, engineering, advertising and marketing and many more.

The university application process across the globe varies considerably and students receive individualized assistance with this, as well as preparation and registration for required tests such as the SAT or TOEFL. ISU uses BridgeU to guide students in the college apllication process. BridgeU is an intelligent university and course matching platform tailored to each student. Using an algorithm BridgeU recommends best-fit universities and courses, from over 100,000 options, based on the academic, professional and social profile of each student. With BridgeU, students can apply to universities across 4 continents. If you have any queries please email Kim Duffy, University Counsellor (collegecounsellor@isumail.ac.ug).

ISU students have had some impressive acceptances from the top universities in the world. For a full list and description of ISU’ programs and latest IB results, refer to the ISU School Profile.

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