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Board of Directors

The school is governed by a nine member Board of Directors. The board members are elected from amongst parents of students at the school, who are members of the school Association.

Meetings are held regularly during the school year, view the Board Meeting Calendar.

ISU Board of Directors 2018-19

The functions of the Board of Directors are:

  • To provide accountability and authority over the school on behalf of The Association.
  • To engage in strategic planning and decision making.
  • To legislate policies in accordance with the school’s philosophy and objectives.
  • To ensure responsible fiscal behavior.

Board of Directors 2018-19

Tom Barton                                                     Stefan Deconinck 
Chairperson                                                    Vice Chair

Blair Bevan                                                      Audrey Dralega  
Treasurer                                                         Secretary

Susie Brown                                                    Shawna Hirsch
Member at Large                                            USA Ambassador's Representative

Jim Mugunga                                                  Patrick Watkins  
Member at Large                                            Member at Large

Sarah Bagalaaliwo                                          Caroline Jacoby  
Appointed Member                                        Ex-officio Member- Head of School